SEYOL NIG. Enterprise is specialized in delivering general engineering and marketing services.

The duties you render to your clients should be professionally driven to perfection but environmental hazards like lightning and transient voltages could hinder it. SEYOL is technically positioned to design and execute effective and efficient power protection strategies to counter and eliminate such hazards your organization may face in her quest for excellence.

We make professional recommendations to help our clients deploy effective protection strategies that would always guarantee safety of their human resources and investments on critical mission computer equipment / general IT infrastructures and all buildings [offices, and branches/Cell sites] facilities against lightning attacks and destructive transient surges over-voltages and under-voltages.

The power quality solutions we propose and recommend give clients leverage over undesirable electrical power conditions. Therefore, we suggest that you carefully go through our Services web page to see the detail on our products and services and take appropriate steps to enjoy the full benefit of our offers in the following areas:

It will show you different models and type of protection equipment [Indexco Lightning Arrestors and LEA- TVSS] that are available.

And help you to decide and choose appropriate type of Indexco ESE Lightning Arrestors and LEA- TVSS base your [clients'] budget and protection/safety requirement per site [Head office/ branch building, factory or Communication Cell site locations].

  1. SEYOL NIG. ENT is in business to compliment your services professionally.
  2. Our goal is to enhance your excellent quality services promises and delivery to clients at all levels,
  3. To take the pressure off you; replace it with pleasure such to enhance your productivity through focus on area of core competence,
  4. Your satisfaction is our delight.

Your organization deserves the best without compromise and SEYOL is in the best position to deliver the highest quality standard and value for money.

We look forward to your decision to employ our products and services even as you give us firm commitments in that regard. Please visit out contact web-page to make your order on-line or contact us through these lines [01-8719081, 01-8719078, 0702-6116679, 0809-8541277, 0803-3541277 and 0802-3421866] or via e-mail; seyolnig@yahoo.co.uk; we shall be glad to serve and meet your requests accordingly.

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