1. Indexco [EDC Series] Early Streamer Emissions [ESE] Lightning Arrestors for Structural Lightning protections,
  2. LEA International - Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS)
  3. AVR -[Stabilizers Model: SVC]
  4. AEC UPS [500VA-120KVA for Single and Three Phase Applications]

I) INDEXCO EDC Series Early Streamer Emissions [ESE] Lightning Arrestor

Indexco [EDC Series] Early Streamer Emissions [ESE] Lightning Arrestors is Structural Lightning Protection Solutions for;

INDEXCO Lightning Air Terminal [EDC SERIES]
We have various models of the EDC Series INDEXCO Early Streamer Emission [ESE] Air Terminal with different range of coverage radius; they are:

ModelRange Of Coverage Radius
1. INDEXCO [EDC 3.1]25m - 50m
2. INDEXCO [EDC 3.3]45m - 75m
3. INDEXCO [EDC 4.3]54m - 85m
4. INDEXCO [EDC 5.3]63m - 95m
5. INDEXCO [EDC 6.3]70m - 102m

INDEXCO - Our state of the art Early Streamer Emissions lightning protector. A Lightning strike releases very high current, which could damage buildings, properties and sensitive equipment. The INDEXCO Air Terminal is designed to capture the lightning current and bury (ground) it to protect your assets, VSAT, computers and data equipment, Radio transmission/ Receiver masts or towers, Communication networks (LAN, WAN and MAN) Systems and other electronics under its coverage.

The zone protected by an Early Streamer Emission lightning arrester is defined in the international standards GB50057-94 & NFC17-102. ESE Lightning Arresters are designed to reduce the average time associated with starting of the upward streamer. The protected zone is determined on the basis of the Electro geometric model depending on the triggering Advance time.

Your ICT infrastructure and facilities protection is enhanced because, INDEXCO principal application is based on the abrupt increase of the electric field produced by storm occurrence seconds before a discharge, creating strong ionization directed towards the cloud and channelling the possible discharge from its origin to the prepared earth station(s) for effective grounding.


LEA INTERNATIONAL TVSS - Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS) is installed to filter electrical current coming into the buildings and most importantly to arrests high-speed destructive Transient Voltages and Surges induced by lightning and generated from other sources (such via NEPA armoured cables, high tension power transmission lines, Feeder pillar and RMU trip off faults, and internally generated repetitive Surges etc). It captures the surges in nanoseconds to protect your sensitive equipments.

We know that our clients power requirement vary according to types their business, operations scope and facilities/buildings; all these determined the electrical architecture and capacities of the Electrical Panels/bus-bars installed in the facilities to power the electrical loads. Therefore, LEA International has developed - wide range of TVSS with deferent surge handling capacities to meet clients power protection demands; such as 60Kamp, 82.5Kamp, 110Kamp, 112.5Kamp, 120Kamp, 165Kamp, 200Kamp, 225Kamp, 240Kamp, 300Kamp, 337.5Kamp, 400Kamp, 450Kamp, 600Kamp and 700Kamp. [NB: Depending on the capacity of the LEA TVSS and the nature of the loads to be protected, the TVSS could be install on various electrical panels/bus bars with the following Ampacity ratings: 0-225amp, 225-600amp, 600-1200amp, 1200-5000amp and above]. We are dedicated to providing the best grounding and electrical protection systems available.

TSP Parallel Surge Suppression Dyna-System Modular Hybrid Parallel SPD CFS Parallel Surge Suppression Device SP Parallel Surge Protection Device SM Parallel Surge Protection Leader Parallel Surge Protection. PBS Panel Board with Integrated Surge Protection GB Parallel Surge Protection Device FM Parallel Surge Protection Device It is built to industry standards such as UL 1449, UL 1283, NEC 285, and IEEE C.62. Standard voltage configurations are 120/240, 120/208 and 277/480. The LS Plus comes in an NEMA 4X enclosure.

III) AVR - [Stabilizers Model: SVC]

Our Industrial and Domestic (Motorized-AVR) Automatic Voltage Regulator (1, 3, 5, 10, 15,30kva and higher capacities up to 1500kva are available on special requests) will strengthen your equipment power performance and Stability. In modern digital age, very sensitive electrical/electronic equipment with high data processing speed has become management tools for organizational cutting edge. Such organization as yours will require electrical power in its purest and best-stabilized form. That is where our products and services come in to protect such delicate and sensitive equipment. Various models for Indoor and Outdoor applications are available.

IV) AEC UPS [500VA-120KVA for Single and 3 Phase Applications]

Our AEC Brand of Domestic and Industrial UPS are available [in 500VA-120KVA for Single and 3 Phase Applications] with intelligent power management software option. It does adjust the frequency automatically and regulates voltages. Our UPS produce pure sine wave quality power output suitable for your IT and other equipment thereby providing safe and conducive operating power environment.

Protection Solutions for Electrical Earthing/Grounding

Electrical Earthing/Grounding Systems for Your Power and ITC Infrastructures SEYOL Nigeria Enterprises also implement comprehensive electrical Earthing/grounding systems [improvement or fresh installation] for all categories of buildings, Banks, Oil and Gas Installations, IT Equipment/Computer Room, Data Centers, Cell Sites, Telecoms Masts and Towers such that meets International standards and best practices; for electrical and Telecommunications equipment installation; our services will guarantee and enhance your equipment operation/performance; we will achieve earth resistance values within the limits of internationally acceptable ground resistance standards for power and communication equipment protection. We are dedicated to providing the best grounding and electrical protection systems available.